First View

Our first view

We initially saw our new Finca in March 2010, having looked at lots of Agent’s websites; this one was apparently new to the market.

It was advertised at more (a lot more) than our budget, but as there were few properties around that met our criteria we decided that it was worth a look.

The initial look was very favourable, the house being a bit smaller than we thought we would require, but with some work could be good. The land with it was adequate and was arranged in a number of plots and terraces that would meet our needs. There were also chickens included in the price!!

Theresa, in her usual way (as she had done with most we has looked at), decided that this would be the property for us; however Richard, with all their feet on the ground, was not sure we could actually afford it.

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These photos here are the first ones we took of the house and the land, on  other pages show how the work progressed.