Welcome to our home

We moved to Tenerife in 2006 and have enjoyed our time here to date. We had been looking for a new home for a little while to replace the “town-house” we owned when we first moved here.

We looked at the few properties on line and actually viewed five different fincas (the land) that had a casa (the house) included with the land. We finally settled on this property after ruling each one of the others out; the last one coming really close, but a problem with the access road (it was falling away!) settled it’s fate for us.

We plan to make this property into our home and to develop the finca itself into a self sustaining area for our needs. We believe we can make it meet all our needs but time will tell whether we are correct or not!

Without a doubt this will most probably last, new home!

Other pages will describe the area, progress and plans as the time passes.

Watch this space…

Richard & Theresa