Kennel & Trastero

Dog Kennel and Dive Trastero

Where we have the kennel and trastero was just a patch of waste ground with an old fig tree growing on it.

We had the wall of the shed extended to make it more into a car port, this gave us the end wall for the kennel / dog pound. An area at the side was filled in with a cement floor and half bricked up; this was the start of our trastero (store room). This is primarily for the storage of our dive equipment, and to store our Motor Scooter.

The area was walled around and wire fencing fixed on top, with a secure door as the entrance. A large kennel also built for them to sleep in at night.

Due to the ongoing number of Foster Puppies, Richard has split the pound and built a second kennel for the foster pups. This has a tiled floor and now has a light and infra-red light for the very young ones. The original kennel has also had its floor raised so it does not flood in the winter and has been tiled to keep it cleaner. Both have removable fronts to keep the dogs and pups warmer in winter, yes it does get colder up here!

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The trastero has also been partitioned with a door to keep the dive equipment clean and tidy and has a work bench for repairs.